jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Feliz Halloween!!!

A SONG FOR ALL SOULS' DAY (traducción aquí)

Near the midgnight,
when the sun is just a memory
and you count a million stars,
crickets stop singing
to listen to somebody
saying loudly an ancient hexe
forgotten for several centuries.

Put on your masks, children;
sing your songs, tell and play jokes;
somebody will full your bag of candies.
Pretend you are dangerous,
pretend you are frightened;
magic will start,
you all must believe.

Listen: it's All Soul's day,
Halloween's spirit extends
trouhg the town; pumpkins are
the masters of the night
with their grotesque smiles
illuminated from their inside.
Believe that are fairies,
o glow-worm, or Hell's fire
that lit up the night;
if you believe that they are just candles
the night will stop shining
and the earth will silence its beatings.

Cry, laugh, sing,
dance, make a lot of noise,
it's the best, it's better you won't listen
to the sounds of the night.

Mist extends level with the floor
like floating,
stars go out,
everything stay in silence for a seconds,
the time that takes passing away
the last peal of the midnight
that goes, floating in the air,
until it misses into the shadows.
Then, silence is broken;
the ground opens, and a pair
of boned hands appear,
like gloomy night daisies.
The rest of the body is
like a terror scream
in the middle of a a fairytale.

After that, only nightmare beings
that appear from the insides of the ground,
like vomited for the earth,
creatures that scape from their coffins
to add themselves al the party.

Put on your masks, children.
Sing and dance, laugh,
enjoy the party, because
you will be died soon.

Ghost and ghouls,
demons called with an ancient hexe;
there are more dead than alive
in the town, tonight.

The curse has been come true
another year. It's Halloween,
isn't it exciting?

Pumpkins' eyes are wicked,
they look at the empty streets
from their burning sockets,
and laugh while they wait
for your shit-scared scream.

Put on your masks, children.
It's midnight. Party is starting,
sing and dance while you can.
It's Halloween, isn't it funny?


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